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Ajay Bouri

When it comes to jeans, no company works in extremes quite like Naked & Famous Denim. Canada's popular jean brand has brand name jeans that range from classic (slim-cut raw denim and nice and stiff oxford shirts) to the ridiculous (glow-in-the-dark jeans and denim yarmulkes). "I think everyone needs a super clean pair of basic jeans that they can just beat to death. I wore this pair every day for one year without washing, which my wife was very impressed by of course. People ask me all the time, 'When do I wash for the first time? What are the rules?' If somebody gives you 'rules,' tell them they're a bullshitter. If I'm an accountant or I'm a bike rider, six months or so is going to look very different. It's a personal thing."-Brandon Svarc the Canadian denim nerd behind Naked & Famous.

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