WTF! Happened: KRS-One


Known for his promotion of politically and socially conscious in his raps, KRS-One has become one of the leaders in the early hip hop stages. Born as Kris Parker, his stage name stood for Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone thus expressing himself through raps of positive messages. Starting his career as one third of Boogie Town Productions alongside DJ Scott La Rock and D-Nice. Through this time, KRS-One integrates his Jamaican style into his rap creating a hybrid in the rap culture.

After DJ Scott La Rock was shot and killed, KRS-One made it his duty to live out Boogie Town production in La Rock's honor. The 90's featured a number of big albums from KRS-One and put out many hit singles including, "Sound of da Police" and "Free Mumia". Through the years, the jamaican rapper has worked with many big names in the industry such as Diddy, Busta Rhymes, and Das EFX.

In the 2000s and forward, KRS-One stayed relevant in the media through putting out new positive material as well as making cameos in many independent films. As a pioneer to the hip hop game, KRS-One has seen the revolution of the industry but continued to stay true to his roots.

- Francis Santos

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