Feature'd Album Of The Week: Outkast "Stankonia"

Kevin Sanchez


This week's 'Feature'd Album of the Week' showcases Outkast and their fourth studio album, 'Stankonia'.  The record released late 2000 after a two-year break since their last project Aquemini. The duo worked to create an expansive and experimental musical aesthetic, incorporating a diverse array of musical styles including funkgospel, techno, and rock into a Dirty South-oriented hip hop context. The album speaks on politics, misogyny, sexuality, African-American culture, and personal introspection narrated by Andre's melodic vocal style and Big Boi's southern gangster flow.  Stankonia received universal acclaim from music critics as it proved to be the most forward thinking, unique, consistent and creative force in popular hip hop.


- Kevin Sanchez

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