Feature'd Album Of The Week: Fugees "The Score"

Kevin Sanchez


This week's 'Feature'd Album of the Week' showcases the Fugees and their second studio album, 'The Score'. The record released early 1996 and it was the last full album the Fugees released. The Score features a wide range of samples and instrumentation, with many aspects of alternative hip hop that would come to dominate the hip hop music culture in the late 90s. The Fugees' roots in reggae give them a solid base in song and give the record a consistent groove that's the perfect blend of mellow and ghetto. Overall, the production, addition of a female in the hip-hop group, and the lyrics which paints the ghetto as a mythical landscape, one that can inspire pride as well as sorrow make the album, arguably, one of the bests of its time. 


- Kevin Sanchez

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