Elevated Qualities Highlighted in G-Shock’s AWM500D-1A

Elevated Qualities Highlighted in G-Shock’s AWM500D-1A

Chelsie Rendon

The idea of a durable and long-lasting watch was conceptualized with G-SHOCK’s design. Kikuo Ibe, Casio’s head engineer, wanted an accessory that can withstand hardship throughout time. When developing G-SHOCK, Ibe wanted each of his silhouettes to abide by his rule called ‘triple ten’: each watch has to endure a 10-meter drop, withstand 10 atmospheres of water pressure, and have a battery life of 10 years. Since its inception, G-SHOCK was initially adopted by firefighters, police departments, and outdoor enthusiasts due to its rugged design. Over time, skate and hip-hop cultures championed the manly designs, making them highly desired around the world. 

In 1989 G-SHOCK released its first AW500 model implementing analog and digital technologies on one face.  G-SHOCKS parent company, Casio, is well-known for its digital detailing and the analog element of the AW500 is one of a kind as it reverts to traditional watch designs. This creation was new to the watch industry and soon rose in popularity as the watch combined a timeless look with a futuristic aesthetic.

G-SHOCK’s latest delivery provides an elevated rendition of the classic AW500 silhouette. In two different colorways, Gold and Silver, the fine-tuned watch is titled the AWM500D-1A. Instead of the traditional resin base and outline, the newer model is constructed with stainless steel material emphasizing its durability. G-SHOCK’s latest technology, MULTIBAND 6, is also implemented within the accessory providing accurate time settings. This can be used by the label’s six-time calibration signals that are placed around the globe, keeping the watch up to date wherever you are. The combined forces of Casio’s power-saving mechanics and Tough Solar are prevalent within the AWM500D-1A, contributing to its stable power supply and Full Auto LED lighting. The solid composition of the watch is detailed with Neobrite accents and a one-touch three clasp enclosure for easy application. The modern designs of G-SHOCKS AWM500D-1A can be dressed up or down -  a versatile accessory for any occasion. 

G-SHOCK’s latest designs are available now online. Click here to check out the latest from G-SHOCK.

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