1017 ALYX 9SM | S21 Collection Available Now

1017 ALYX 9SM | S21 Collection Available Now

Chelsie Rendon

Matthew Williams isn’t a stranger to the fashion industry. Williams has worked his way up in order to become the designer and creator he is today. His roots began with costumes which eventually led him to A-list clients like Kanye West and Lady Gaga. Once he developed a name for himself he soon realized his deep affection for fashion and apparel. In 2015 he debuted his first women’s wear brand called Alyx, named after his daughter. Catching the eyes of many, he then rebranded the company calling it 1017 Alyx 9SM. The designs and aesthetics are built with a contemporary feel along with affirmative change and longevity. This outlook solidified the brand and created a loyal following. 

1017 Alyx 9SM’s most recent collection showcases the contemporary feel William’s strives to accomplish within his company. Throughout the accessories, we find the familiar rollercoaster buckle motif that’s been a trademark within the brand. The jewelry provides a simplistic design that stands-out on its own due to the high-quality materials and premium craftsmanship provided. A unique piece to the collection is the Transparent Chain and Metal Bracelet. In comparison to other pieces, we find that the transparent chain makes a statement against the bold silver and gold builds. Other pieces within the collection also highlight the transparent material, which is made of a nylon construct - providing durability and longevity. Along with the transparent build, common use of a Cubix design makes an impression against the familiar Cuban link chains. The use of a more intricate and detailed design shows how particular 1017 Alyx 9SM truly is within their jewelry creations. 

1017 Alyx 9SM’s Spring 21 Delivery is available now at all retail locations + online. To shop for the latest collection online, click here.

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