WTF! Happened: Cypress Hill


Hailing from South Gate, California, Cypress Hill has become a staple in the hip hop game. Becoming the first latino hip hop group to platinum and multi-platinum albums, Cypress Hill has definitely created an on going wave among their loyal fan base. DJ Muggs, B-Real, and Sen Dog made up the hip hop trio and have been creating music since 1988. Their distinct sound crosses the bridge between rap and rock which raised the bar in the rap community. After the release of a total of ten studio albums, Cypress Hill has endured temporary disbandment and advancements that has led to their reunion in recent years. This time around you can find the rap rock group on tour with the legendary 311. Although it may be hard to stay relevant in the music industry, Cypress Hill would be the lead sample on how it should be done.

- Francis Santos

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