ATG Hidden Gems: Fergusons Downtown

ATG Hidden Gems: Fergusons Downtown

Marissa Villamor

Since 2010, our goal here at Feature is to provide a welcoming environment and create a community around our All Things Good mantra. Our driving force of fashion, music and art fuels the DNA of Feature, as well as spreading positivity throughout all our communities. We want to be a resource where communities can come to look for inspiration, interact with one another and find unique places or things that they may not have been familiar with. 

The initial launch of our “ATG Hidden Gems” highlights under the radar and unique places that some may not be familiar with. ATG Hidden Gems will be an ongoing series where our customers can come to our blog page to learn and find new places around Vegas, Calabasas and more. Especially during these trying times, we want to highlight some of our favorite local spots in our community. 

In our first edition, we will be highlighting one of our favorite spots off of the Strip, Fergusons Downtown. This spot provides a down-to-earth, eclectic vibe that takes you away from the typical Vegas lifestyle. 

Fergusons Downtown is a city block rooted in community, celebrating local music, art and creators. Through the revitalization of the historic Fergusons Motel, Fergusons Downtown cultivates a diverse community that fosters creativity and passion. From the shops of local makers to restaurants and beautiful green spaces, Fergusons is where the community can connect, shop, eat, drink, stay, work and explore.

Fergusons Downtown is home to many independent shops as well as host some pretty cool events. Some local restaurants, coffee shops and stores in Fergusons are All For Our Country, Mike’s Recovery, Myron Hensel, La Monja, Future Makers, Gingy of The Noise Project, Neon Cactus Vintage, Mothership Coffee Roasters, The Tiny Bloom and The Noise Project. Within their community, Fergusons also hosts some events called “Market In The Alley” and “Pour In The Alley.”

Both “Market in the Alley” and “Pour in the Alley” go back to Fergusons’ direct mission statement of being rooted in the community. These events target to bring the community together and include collaborative and educational aspects, with the intent to gather people from diverse walks of life. 

Market in the Alley is a curated market focused on supporting local makers, curators, artists, musicians and culinary enthusiasts. Fergusons Downtown believes Las Vegas’s creative community is the city’s heart and soul and is dedicated to creating space to showcase local talent. Market in the Alley was made to begin fostering relationships within the Vegas creative community, so when the revitalization of Fergusons was complete, they would be able to fill The Yard with local businesses! Fun fact 6 out of 8 of the shops in Fergusons all started at Market in the Alley before opening up their first storefronts at Fergusons. This is an entertaining event to learn more about local businesses and to shop locally. 

Featuring everything from spirits, drafts and healthy elixirs, Pour in the Alley ties together education from the experts with a fun flair of sampling several unique tastings of that month’s featured beverage. From flavor profiles to correct glassware and culinary pairings, Pour in the Alley leaves attendees with a better understanding of how to drink, serve and enjoy each featured beverage at home or out on the town. Pour in the Alley's core value is to be #rootedineducation; they wanted to create an event where those who attended would leave knowing everything there is to know about the particular spirit or beverage. During these events, they also make it a point to highlight local bartenders and mixologists from all around the city so everyone can get to know them and maybe discover their new favorite bar or restaurant to visit.

With the past few months with quarantine, both Market in the Alley and Pour in the Alley have been turned into virtual events. The goal for Fergusons Downtown is to support and collaborate with small local businesses to bring fun and education events to the community.

Need a go-to spot for coffee? One of our favorite local coffee shops, Mothership Coffee Roasters, is conveniently located in Fergusons Downtown. Mothership Coffee Roasters is a woman-owned small business established in 2008. Their mission is to elevate the experience of coffee through meticulous craft and pride in service. They believe in wild, free, radically authentic love that can be seen through their employees, aesthetic atmosphere, coffee and treats. The storefront at Fergusons is located at the end of the complex and offers an aesthetically pleasing storefront and interior. It’s the perfect place to do some work or hang out with friends. 

Mothership Coffee Roasters is a full production roaster that also provides private-label coffee and ships locally and nationally. As ethical roasters, their focus is to serve the community and to make a change in the world one cup at a time. Be sure to check out their location in Ferguson's Downtown or visit their social media here. 

Now that you have your coffee, it’s time to check out the shops. Neon Cactus Vintage is a woman of color-owned small business located in Fergusons. They specialize in unisex, all-inclusive vintage clothing, handmade stained-glass and locally crafted items that make a statement and promote a welcoming environment. 

 This shop is a hub for sustainable, diverse and awesome vintage finds. You can check out their location in Ferguson's Downtown or find them on Instagram @neoncactusvintage

Another fun spot in Ferguson's Downtown is Future Makers LV. Future Markers started as a pop up in Market in the Alley. The goal is to provide equal access to education and advocacy to children and families through community-based events. Future Markers also has a young entrepreneurs program where they give the local Vegas youth a chance to start their creative enterprises. During the Market in the Alley, they provide these kids with access to the storefront for their pop-up stores. Another thing Future Makers is doing to give back to the community is through their microschooling program that helps support families with education, especially during this difficult time. To learn more about this program, click here.

Ferguson's Downtown is a great place to hang out at during the weekends, grab a coffee and hang out in their yard or for a trip to shop a handful of local businesses all in the same place! It’s one of our team’s favorite spots around town, as they also embody our All Things Good lifestyle. Located on the corner of Fremont and 11th Street, Fergusons embodies our passion for art, fashion and music while giving back to their community and promoting positivity. 

Let us know what you think about our first ATG Hidden Gems blog and tell us what you we should highlight next! Stay tuned for our next edition of ATG Hidden Gems.

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