Tuesday Jun 09, 2020

Rudolf Dassler Legacy: Classics For All Time

Introducing the Rudolf Dassler Legacy collection, a selection of Puma’s most iconic silhouettes from the pitch, track, court and streets. Rudolf Dassler didn’t set out to create the fastest sports brand in the world – but in 1948, that’s exactly what he did. More than 70 years later, PUMA continues to push the limits of sport and culture with the same speed, innovation and creativity in mind.

The first chapter of the Rudolf Dassler Legacy collection features a selection of PUMA’s most iconic silhouettes from the past. These sneakers span decades and remain to this day the fastest, fiercest and freshest out there. They are re-released in PUMA’s staple colors, with premium leathers and original Dassler branding – celebrating a legacy of breaking rules and records since 1948.

These sneakers celebrate the original gamechanger, Rudolf Dassler. Originally founded in 1948, Dassler is known for creating one of the most iconic German-based sportswear and sneaker lifestyle brands. Dassler wanted the brand to represent the characteristics of a puma - speed, strength, agility and endurance and is well-known for its iconic formstrip which resembles a pouncing Puma, that can be found on a majority of all their footwear. 

The Rudolf Dassler Legacy pack is releasing with 7 iconic silhouettes. The silhouettes include the Oslo City, Roma, Mirage OG, Fast Rider, Sky LX Lo, Ralph Sampson Lo and Ralph Sampson Mid. Below is a brief history of the silhouettes and why they hold such importance in Puma history. 

The Oslo City silhouette was first introduced in 1952 during the Olympic Games and was named after the host city in Norway. The shoe was designed for an all-purpose trainer made for indoor sports like volleyball and badminton. A few years later the Roma silhouette was released in 1958 designed as a track and field shoe. As the years passed, the shoe was remodeled as a training shoe and eventually established itself as a staple soccer casual silhouette. 

In the 70s, the Mirage OG silhouette was released as a track and field shoe but was later re-introduced as a jogging and everyday shoe. A decade later in 1980, the Fast Rider silhouette was introduced. The silhouette was created by Armin A. Dassler, the son of Rudolf Dassler, made as a jogging shoe. It was designed with the famous Federbein sole, known for its high-quality cushioning. A few years later, the Sky Lo LX silhouette was introduced. This silhouette is one of the most iconic silhouettes in history as it was popular with sneakerheads and street basketball players alike. The silhouette also was endorsed by several NBA players. That same year the Sky Mid LX was introduced. The Mid holds similar aesthetics and was popular with both street basketball players and professional players. 

In 1985 both Ralph Sampson Lo and Mid were introduced to the public. The Ralph Simpson Mid was the signature shoe of the basketball Hall of Famer, Ralph Sampson. Sampson is known for being a four-time NBA All-Star and NBA Rookie of the year, playing with the Houston Rockets in the 80s. The Ralph Sampson Lo also gained popularity in the basketball world as a low version of the iconic shoe with a clean and classic design. Both icons on and off the court, these silhouettes have now become leaders in the sneaker industry and have transitioned over to signature street style silhouettes. 

Now in 2020, these iconic and OG Puma Classics are being re-energized with the debut of the Rudolf Dassler Legacy collection. These sneakers are for all time with their iconic silhouettes and staple colors. Ready to secure your pairs? Follow the instructions below to enter the draw for a chance to get the Rudolf Dassler Legacy pack and to shop all of our other current releases.

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