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Founded in 1947, the Salomon family created a workshop dedicated to ski accessories and improving the ski-ing experience. Over time, the label started venturing into different outdoor markets, including hiking and snowboarding, allowing them to broaden its market. However, it wasn’t until the sports label started introducing its running shoes that truly introduced Salomon to the fashion industry. 

In the early 2000s, Salomon put forth their Raid Race (XA collection) silhouette and was soon consumed by everyday fashion enthusiasts. Photographers, stylists, and buyers were all sporting the XA silhouette for its durability and comfort, yet stylish look. High-end fashion brands soon noticed and started to utilize Salomon’s footwear within lookbooks and runways due to its avant-garde and sportswear aesthetic. Salomon is able to deliver the outdoor aesthetics that many tend to crave. They are able to create a Sportstyle footwear range that combines the outdoors with urban styles through the engineering of their signature products.

Still making its way through the high-fashion community, the most notable footwear styles include the ‘Black Edition’ collection, which helped solidify the Salomon name. The label has also collaborated with brands including BEAMS and The Broken Arm. A-list celebrities such as Rhianna, Bella Hadid, and Ralph Lauren can also be seen wearing Salomon’s signature XA models.

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