The Perfect Canvas: Converse Sneakers

The Perfect Canvas


Also recognized as the Chuck Taylor brand, Converse was initially founded in 1908 by Marquis Mills. Converse has grown into one of the most iconic footwear companies for over one hundred years. Originally designed to be court shoes for basketball players, the Chuck Taylor All Star reinvented the sport of basketball with its innovative designs and concepts. Considered the first mass-produced basketball shoe in North America, this iconic high-top sneaker featured a thick rubber sole and an ankle-covering canvas upper, which helped comfort and support basketball players on the court. In the '70s, Converse launched the Chuck 70 Hi sneakers, which became immensely popular with young adults and musicians. This iconic Chuck 70 Hi embodied the brand's original spirit and has grown to be one of the most popular sneakers of all time.


In 2003, Nike acquired Converse under its umbrella alongside the Jordan brand. Converse sneakers are a classic silhouette perfect for everyday wear and serve as the ideal blank canvas for all. The Converse brand is defined by how they've been received, adopted, and transformed by the people that wear them. That legacy has grown into aligning the confluence of sports and fashion into a uniquely influential position within countless subcultures worldwide. Since the brand's origin, Converse's canvas sneakers have gone from the court to the stage, clubs, and children playing in the street since the brand's heritage. Converse shoes are featured in silhouettes in low-top, slip-on, high-top variations, Converse sneakers have received attention from sought-after collaborations with brands including Comme des Garçons PLAY.

“Defined by the wearer.”

Converse sneakers have always been welcome within countless youth subcultures, and their DNA moves them forward in relentless championing self-expression through the perfect blank canvas. In the Chuck 70 Premium Suede, this heritage sneaker brings together archival-inspired details with modern comfort updates. OrthoLite insole cushioning and winged tongue stitching upgrade the design’s comfort level. At the same time, the glossy and egret midsole and the signature star ankle patch emphasize the Converse sneaker’s vintage aesthetic. The smooth and premium suede features an archival color, highlighting its authentic detailing. The seasonal archival color, along with the tonal laces and secondary egret laces, allows you to personalize the fit, and the tongue stitching locks the detailing right into place.


How exactly is the best way to wear Converse sneakers? These versatile sneakers pair well with straight jeans and a simple graphic t-shirt and can be layered seamlessly with a vintage flannel or the hoodie of your choice. Wearing your favorite pair of Converse sneakers with your go-to joggers allows the elastic cuffs to spotlight the clean silhouette. Perfect for all weather types, the countless Converse styles and canvas sneakers support your ankle and blend seamlessly into any wardrobe.


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