Japanese Clothing Brands

Japanese Clothing Brands

Haven Neiman

Japanese Clothing Brands

Neighborhood, Saint Michael, Bounty Hunter, Maison Mihara Yasuhiro

Japanese fashion pushes the envelope when it comes to style. In recent years, the fashion world has quickly understood their Japanese fashion brands’ commitment to craft premium and high-quality apparel, accessories, and more that elevate any collection. In addition to brands like A Bathing Ape (BAPE), Sacai, and Comme des Garçons (CDG), we at FEATURE offer a selection of premium Japanese clothing brands that have continued to pave the way for future fashion endeavors in the high fashion industry. Continue reading to learn more about how our selection of Japanese designer labels like Neighborhood, Saint Michael, Bounty Hunter, and Maison Mihara Yasuhiro are at the forefront of creating cutting edge long-lasting fashion trends and statements.




Fueled by authentic Japanese culture, the Japanese streetwear label Neighborhood was founded by Shinsuke Takizawa. Takizawa was influenced by fashion early due to London’s punk rock subculture, as he was an exchange student in the early ’80s. After graduating, Takizawa joined the record label ‘Major Force’ and launched his Japan-inspired streetwear brand eight years later. From working in the hip hop industry to living in London, the fashion label Neighborhood also referred to as NBHD, has genuinely transformed the streetwear industry and Japanese fashion. Neighborhood mixes with contemporary design aesthetics while maintaining its Japan-inspired detailing, contributing to its establishment as one of the leading brands specializing in high-end menswear. Military inspiration is also intertwined heavily within the Japanese clothing brand’s repertoire, such as within their selection of premium t-shirts, hoodies, outerwear, and more.


Saint Michael


Saint Michael is a different Japanese clothing brand that has made a genuine impact in the high fashion street style world. Born out of a collaborative effort between multi-disciplinary artist Cali Thornhill Dewitt and READYMADE designer Yuta Hosokawa, the two creatives instantly connected once they met, both knowing what they wanted in a fashion label. Saint Michael was officially born in 2020 and perfectly combines Yuta Hosokawa’s use of vintage military materials and clothing with Dewitt’s stunning art style. The Japanese-inspired label is well-versed in its unique tailoring and textiles that openly embrace vintage Japanese fashion. The unique Japanese clothing brand also utilizes intricate sewing techniques and handcrafted processes, emphasizing its premium Japanese vintage aesthetic.


Bounty Hunter


The high-end Japanese streetwear brand Bounty Hunter was first established in 1995 by Hiraku Iawanga. The Japanese clothing brand references the character Boba Fett from Star Wars and is inspired by toy and punk culture. Once it was established, the fashion label gained traction and popularity in the Harajuku District of Tokyo. Hikaru was encouraged by Nigo from A Bathing Ape to set up his brand, which then marked the birth of Bounty Hunter. The high-end Japanese fashion label pulls inspiration from American punk rock and motorcycle culture while utilizing a heavy use of the color black intertwined with signature crest and biker motifs. Bounty Hunter’s craftsmanship centers around a vast array of graphic apparel that intertwines workwear aesthetics.


Maison Mihara Yasuhiro


The final Japanese fashion label spotlight is Maison Mihara Yasuhiro. The designer’s namesake label was established due to his well-established love for premium footwear. This love heightened while he was in fashion school in Japan, as he was working at a shoe factory while in college. He found himself encapsulated with footwear and the recreation of popular silhouettes. The top-tier Japanese couture brand focuses on producing footwear and has been since its official establishment in 1997 by emphasizing high-quality and sophisticated textiles within Japanese-inspired silhouettes. Maison Mihara Yasuhiro footwear is centered primarily on distinct sneakers like the Peterson Low OG. The Maison Mihara Yasuhiro focuses on bringing their audience playful and unique themes presented within each footwear delivery.

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