About Us


About Us

"In an industry overrun by unoriginal chain stores that service the masses, Feature is the juxtaposition to the uninspired and predictable."
Inspiration became reality when a vision was born to create a venue where fashion, music, art and sneaker culture could coexist. At its core were 4 guys with a concept they not only believed in, but lived by.
Born from an idea developed on a summer night in Nevada, Feature opened its doors in late 2010 to give Las Vegas a freshness the kicks subculture of the valley was lacking. Feature’s mission was not only to align itself with the cultural movement of art + footwear, but to define it. Feature-ing a pulse-pounding soundtrack that’s as dynamic as the surrounding art, the boutique has the most cutting edge selection of shoes, watches, sunglasses, apparel and accessories.


Why Shop Here

We might not know what we're doing but we can PROMISE you this...we don't just work at FEATURE, WE LIVE IT!!! Come live it with us. We are located in the Chinatown district of Las Vegas, Nevada — less than 2 miles from the Las Vegas Strip (a cheap cab ride).


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

FEATURE is committed to total customer satisfaction. If you have any questions regarding your order or your shopping experience at FEATURE, we want to hear from you.info@feature.com

Marketing Department: Does your business fit with FEATURE's audience? Are our businesses compatible? Should we be working together? Please contact us to learn more about marketing opportunities with FEATURE info@feature.com

Merchandise Department: Please contact us with any inquiries regarding the products that we carry. info@feature.com