Native Footwear For Spring Now Available


What better shoes to wear when you're enduring those mid-day pool parties, BBQ's, family outings, or any social function outside? Do yourself a favor and get yourself a pair. Hell, treat yourself to a couple. Native footwear is animal free, water proof, washable, anti-microbal, shock absorbent, odor resistant, and they let your feet breathe. With that said, for a repeated statement, these are the perfect shoes for warm weather. Now available in unisex sizing for select adult styles and children. For phone orders please call 702-463-3322.

Native Children's Miller in Torch Red

Native Children's Miller in Hulla Blue

Native Children's Miller in Shell White

Native Children's Jefferson in Jiffy Black

Native Howard in Hulla Blue

Native Verona in Shell White

Native Jefferson in Shell White

Native Howard in Torch Red

Native Howard in Jiffy Black

Native Howard in Shell White

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