Justice at BLVD Pool


Last night Ajay, Sarah, EJ, Brooke, Paul, and Mary took a night to kick back and have a good time at BLVD Pool at the Cosmo. It was an overall good atmosphere, perfect weather, good people, and endless drinks. Nobody had any f@#$%!* clue what the opening foreigner DJ was saying in between his set, but his accent was pure entertainment. We were constantly people watching the whole night hoping to spot someone fall into the pool. No luck! Our good friend Natalie from All Saints chilled and caught up with the Feature Fam. Justice came on around 10:00pm for an unforgettable set hitting all their major tracks. A signature illuminated cross shined all across the balcony full of drunk people. The crowd went nuts when they dropped D.A.N.C.E. and added a twist to it. Heinekens and scotch were threw back all night. Good vibes, catching up with an old friend, good performance, and a overall good atmosphere with a night ended with some burgers at Holstein's.

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