Sad News From the World of Hip Hop...


I remember the 1st time I heard the Beastie Boys...I hated them. I secretly loved their music but was skeptical of them as I was a hard-core Run DMC fan. This 4th grader would not be swayed by the great white hype...It wasn't until the Lollapalooza event held here in Las Vegas around 1994 that my secret fondness of all music Beastie Boys came to light. I watched the Boys bounce around that stage performing Hip Hop with a REAL band playing HIT after HIT after HIT. I couldn't control my enthusiasm and my dissent for the band became a passion for their music in the flip of a switch. I am now, and will always be a true Beastie Boys fan. I am sad that I'll never get to see the band perform again. I am grateful for the years of great memories and great music the band has produced. God Bless you Adam Yauch a.k.a. MCA, RIP.

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