Essentials: Dustin DeGuzman


One of the newest members of the Feature family, we dissect Dustin "Pusha D" DeGuzman's everyday essentials. Other than being a master barista at Starbucks, he's the man behind the cashier here at the shop. Working nearly 26 hours a day, "workhorse" would be saying the least. Residing from Garden Grove, California, Dustin brings the laid back vibes and gentlemen like manners to the city. In addition to his insane work ethics, his fair share of being a coffee and street wear enthusiast comes to play here at Feature. He can drop some knowledge on a unique beverage or an in depth breakdown of the origins of some of our brands. Catch Dustin at the shop and say what's up, or follow him on Twitter and Instagram @dustindgzmn. [nggallery id=297]

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