ESSENTIALS: Jai Shawn White


Today we take a peek at what Jai Shawn White carries for his daily essentials. Former football payer, the 28 year old was born in the city of angela and was raised in the city of sin. Growing up in the bright lights led to his occupation as a senior VIP host at the Encore Beach Club and Surrender. Jai Shawn works nightly to provide for his family and simply to enjoy the little things in life. "Staying Positive" is one of the sayings he lives by and also lives by the act of making the most out of life. Apart from his nightlife job, he manages the clothing company ADKT. Being a loyal customer to the shop for quite some time, his deep interest in fashion has been fed by our wonderful selection of garments! Catch him around the city, at the shop or on his Harley! [nggallery id=315]

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