Essentials: Ajay Bouri

Saturday Nov 03 2012

One fourth of the Feature pioneers, we dissect the essentials of Ajay Bouri. As a native from Reno, Ajay resides here in the Vegas valley maintaining Feature's success alongside with his three Wolf Pack partners. Unlike most businessmen, it is rare to see him in a shirt and tie but you will catch him in a Feature tee, Nike Dri-Fit shorts, and his New Balances, everyday. If he's not responding back to e-mails or demolishing some Ronald's Donuts, he is in between his two pups, Rupert Byuu Fonsworth III and Linus Lafayette Fonsworth V also known as Lil Boosie and Young Shmums (Pictured Below). So the next time you see Ajay, don't be afraid to say "What's Up!" because that will probably be the only time you'll see him. [nggallery id=353]

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