Saturday Dec 22, 2012

Essentials: Denver Miller "DJ 2wice"

Reno native, Denver Miller also known as DJ twice lays out his daily essentials illustrating his one of a kind lifestyle. As freelance graphic and web designer, he is responsible for building the Feature website including all its widgets and functions. Having close ties to the shop has made him a part of the Feature family. Catch him with his gnarly and well groomed mustache during the day, find him spinning the latest house music with a mustache helmet during the night! While he isn't working on new projects or walking his fish, you may stumble upon Denver at your local sushi restaurants. Keep up with his tight schedule and follow him on the go through his Twitter (@DeeJay2wice) and his Instagram (@DJ2wice).
Thursday May 19, 2022

Spring/Summer Converse Sneaker Staples

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Tuesday May 17, 2022

Must-Have FEATURE Headwear

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