The Butcher's Block: Episode 11- Mega of Black Scale


With the second season of Frank the Butcher's web show "The Butcher's Block" well under way, Frank gets together with Black Scale's originator Mega, to deliver the show's latest installment. Frank and Mega touch base on a multitude of topics, the 5 year anniversary and premise of the brand, as well as the carefulness of "balance" that is carried throughout every piece of apparel and accessory . The duo also discusses the large increase of popularity that the brand has been seeing over the past year, due to one of the heaviest hitters in music today, A$AP Rocky, wearing various pieces from the brand in his day to day life. Nearing the end of the interview, Mega discusses the plans that he has for Black Scale in 2013 and beyond.

- Dustin DeGuzman

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