Feature'd Brand: Chup by Glen Clyde


Providing the world with the bestcraft of goods, Glen Clyde and Company resides in Tokyo where all manufacturing takes place. They strive to provide quality made products for their consumers through carefully handcrafting their socks. Through detailed process to the best materials provided by tokyo, Glen Clyde has accomplished their task of masterpiece consistently. With socks being an important addition to any fashion connoisseur, functionality and comfort are superior to the client. Giving the company many vessels of original brands, "CHUP", “CHUP PEAKS”, “SOUKI”, “CRAFTS MAN CHUP”, “& LIFE SOX”, “Flidis” and “GLEN CLYDE SEA ISLAND COTTON COLLECTION” all cater to a certain clientele. As they continue to grow exponentially, their goal is to consistently reach fro greatness. Be on the look out for new products from the Glen Clyde Company and grab a pair of CHUP socks today!

- Francis Santos

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