Tuesday Feb 05, 2013

Disney Short "Paperman"

Ever since Disney has been in existence, they have been known to make great strides in the multimedia industry. Whether it's cartoons, film-production, or television, Disney always manages to remain at the top. Yet again, the American-made media company is back to unveil a bit of what they have been cooking up as of late, with their short film entitled "Paperman". The clip tells a story about a young man living in mid-century New York City, who meets a lovely woman at the train station on his morning commute to work. She flees quickly, leaving him with a hope that he would see her again. The young man is later presented with the opportunity to meet with her again during his workday- at which point, doing all in his power to capitalize on that chance. The short featured above displays an animation technique inheriting the two worlds of CGI animation and hand- drawn images; the result of which are animations that move flawlessly and crisp. John Kahrs does a great job directing the piece, giving the viewer a refined look into the future of animation. Hit play.

- Dustin DeGuzman

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