WTF! Happened: The Cold Crush Brothers


Bronx natives, DJ Tony Tone,Supreme Easy A.D., DJ Charlie Chase, Whipper Whip, Mr. Tee, and Dot-A-Rock made up the hip hop group, the Cold Crush Brothers. The collective were best known for their stage stomping concerts and harmonic melodies. Their moment of commercial success took place when they went head to head with their rivals, The Fantastic Five, causing their triumph and becoming the best hip hop group at the time. Their victory kept them at the top as becoming "the Rolling Stones of hip hop". Through the years, the Cold Crush Brothers toured all boroughs of New York and later Japan and Europe. As for every rise, there is a fall. The brothers had their run but became over ran by the new school of hip hop. They became a staple to the New York culture as well as to the hip hop scene around the world.

- Francis Santos

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