WTF! Happened: Kurtis Blow


Record producer and rapper, Kurtis Blow, has been a pioneer in the early 80's hip hop era. Curating his hit single, "The Breaks", has become the first rap song to become certified gold. At age 20, Kurtis was the first rapper to be signed by a major label, Mercury. After releasing his first single, "Christmas Rappin", his career took flight leading him to becoming the first rapper to perform overseas. Within 11 years of his career, Kurtis Blow released a total of ten studio albums. His presence in the music industry resulted in creating records with other artists such as Run DMC and The Fat Boys. Newer artists began sampling his earlier works giving him more light during his time out of the lime light. These days, Kurtis has followed his faith into becoming an ordained minister integrating the culture of hip hop in his teachings. While the evolution of hip hop is constantly at a changing rate, Kurtis Blow will forever be an important figure to the world of hip hop.

- Francis Santos

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