WTF! Happened: DAS EFX


East Coast emcees, Skoob and Dray made up the hip hop duo, Das EFX. Brewing up their buzz within the 1990's, Das EFX released their first studio album, Dead Serious which expressed their unique rapping technique. Dead Serious went platinum and included their hit single, "They Want EFX" which hit top 10 on the US Billboard R&B Chart. Their presence in the hip hop scene has influenced other rappers such as Kriss Kross, Lords of the Underground, and Common to borrow their style of rapping. Years later, their quick flows had slowed down and released four more studio albums which were panned by critics. The early 2000's include minimal music progress but references to Das EFX have been made in shows such as Chappelle Show and Beverly Hills 90210. In 2010, the rap legends started touring and are in the process of a new album.

- Francis Santos

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