Tuesday Apr 16, 2013

WTF! Happened: Souls of Mischief

Hip hop collective, Souls of Mischief had the West Coast in their favor with their lyrical verses and head nodding beats. A-Plus, Opio, Phesto, and Tajai composed the Oakland hip hop group. Souls of Mischief are a part of the hip hop group, Hieroglyphics, which included other underground artists. In 1993, the group released their first studio album entitled, 93' til Infinity which included their hit single titled after the album. Standing as a bonafide hip hop classic, the song and album, 93' til Infinity, is a staple to hip hop's history. After leaving Jive records in 1995, Souls of Mischief joined Hieroglyphics' independent label, Hieroglyphics Imperium Recordings which put out two more studio albums. Montezuma's Revenge was their last studio effort and have yet to put out any news on another. Recent years included tours around the world performing in front of new and old underground fans. Although new material has not surfaced, their music lives on; 93' til infinity.

- Francis Santos

Friday May 27, 2022

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