Feature'd Artist: Robi the Dog


Music and art are two forms of creativity that are hard to know but for Robi the Dog, he seems to have mastered both. After becoming a graffiti artist at 16, his role as an artist has flipped onto the art of music when he picked up an Akai MPC 10 years later. After producing hip hop instrumentals, his artwork floods the streets once again around the world. Now at age 38, his work has transformed from graffiti handstyles to layered stenciling. After becoming a constant traveler, bringing around folded stencils seemed to be an easy way to express his art with out the hassle of bringing any other art supplies. Bringing sarcasm and humor into his art, Robi the Dog erects art with inspiration from everyday situations and expresses them in a totally different way. Check out some of his amazing art below!

- Francis Santos

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