WTF! Happened: Do or Die


Hailing from Westside Chicago, Illinois, Belo Zero, N.A.R.D. and AK-47 fused their musical talents to create the rap group, Do or Die. Becoming a group of mainstream success in the mid 90’s, the trio started their journey in 1996 with their debut album, Picture This. Teaming up with fellow Chicago rapper, Twista, for their first single, “Po Pimp” has marked the first step towards success for themselves as well as Twista’s career. Through their unique rap style they have created a movement in their own town leading to the release of their second studio effort album, Headz or Tailz. In the early 2000’s, Do or Die continued to release several albums and continued to work with Twista as well as working on a track with the one and only, Kanye West. Recent years included touring the country performing on a more intimate vibe for their fans. In 2007, Belo was charged for murder and pleaded gulty causing him to serve 10 years in prison. An album was expected in 2012 but had to be on a halt due to the sad loss. Creating a mark on Chicago rap, Do or Die will forever be a pioneer in the rap game.

- Francis Santos

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