WTF! Happened: The Beatnuts


A product of New York, The Beatnuts, are a hip hop and production group that played an important role in the 1990's. The Queens duo include, Juju and Psycho Les, which whom are a part of the collective, Native Tongues. Being introduced to each other in high school, the two became inseparable. After meeting with Afrika Bambaataa, the duo became a part of Native Tongues which also included A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, and the Jungle Brothers. Entering the music industry in the early 1990's, The Beatnuts started producing for rappers including Common, Pete Nice and DJ Richie Rich and Kurious, as well as a full album for Chi-Ali. Their jazz-funk style became their trademark and became producers for even more underground artists. Releasing a number of albums, their mainstream success followed. In recent years The Beatnuts continued to tour the states and have recently collaborated with The Alkaholiks to create a combination of both groups, The Liknuts. As for any successful group, The Beatnuts has left their mark on hip hop's history and continues to today.

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