Feature'd Brand: Sly Guild


Started by three young brothers from Auckland, Sly Guild was born to create quality goods alongside amazing craftsmanship. The brand first started as a hobby but turned into something big once they created their own quality made t-shirt. Since no brand at the time did not have any plain quality made t-shirts, the group of friends decided to create a line dedicated to simplicity and basic wear. From that point on local stores in Auckland started to support their movement and their hand crafted goods became a business.

Being exposed to the cutting of garments at a young age gave them the advantage on seeing how manufacturing and production is executed. Taking their previous knowledge and applying it to Sly Guild has caused them to start production the right away. Their drive for the brand branches from going against the grain and rebelling against the normal fashion scene, resulting in minimalistic garments at amazing quality.

Sly Guild can be worn by anyone. From a 9-5 weekend warrior to a CEO of a corporation, the New Zealand fashion house caters to all sorts of individuals who appreciate great design and well crafted clothing. Check out our Sly Guild collection at the shop today!

- Francis Santos

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