Feature'd Brand: Cav Empt


Japanese bred brand, Cav Empt is a unique fashion house that has created an impact in the fashion scene. Started by Sk8thing, his role as a graphic designer has led him to being the lead designer for Bape, BBC, and Ice Cream. After relaizing that his job under a big corporation wouldn't last, he decided to create Caveat Emptor or Cav Empt with two other individuals. Deriving from the latin phrase meaning "Let the Buyer Beware", the principle is that the consumer cannot recover payment made for the product if the product contains any defect. The drive of the brand was the disappointment of reality and the ubiquity of the internet, which is why some graphics include references to computerized objects and icons. As a pioneer to the streetwear realm, Cav Empt is definitely one brand that should be in your closet.

- Francis Santos

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