WTF! Happened: AZ


Anthony Cruz better known as, AZ was a rapper from Brooklyn and has been a Grammy nominated individual during his shine. His East Coast rapping vibe was influenced by his rhyme partner, Nas and together they have created rap history. Aside from rapping next to the legendary Nas, AZ was a part of The Firm which included Nas, Foxy Brown, Cormega and Nature. Although it was tough to outshine his leader in the group, AZ was crowned the most underrated rapper in rap history.

His solo albums include Doe or Die, Pieces of a Man, 9 Lives, Aziatic, Decade, A.W.O.L., The Format, Undeniable, and Legendary all reaching some sort of commercial success and had included some of hip hop's pioneers such as Little Brother, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, and Buckwild to name a few. In recent years it is noted that he is working on a sequel to Doe or Die entitled Doe or Die II. Although AZ hasn't reached mainstream success, his lyrical flow and foundation will keep him in hip hop's hall of fame.

- Francis Santos

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