WTF! Happened: Tha Alkoholiks


Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Tha Alkoholiks was formed in the 1990's and have managed to create a following starting from the West Coast to the East to this day. The collective featured DJ and producer, E-Swift, J-Ro-and Tash. Together they created upbeat and funky sounds that stormed the underground scene and eventually created a wave through the mainstream. Their 21 & Over album is what set them apart from other West Coast artists and has led them to working with bigger names in the game such as A Tribe Called Quest, Xzibit, The Neptunes and Rockwilder. In 20004, they announced their disbandment disappointing many fans across the states. After their hiatus, Tha Alkaholiks have recently joined forces with The Beatnuts to create a super collective, The Liknuts. You can find the group touring the world so be on the lookout and see history in the making.

- Francis Santos

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