WTF! Happened: The Roots


Hip hop collective, The Roots have become legend in the game with their one of a kind sound. Formed in 1987 by Black Thought and Questlove, the group eventually grew into a 7 member crew.

The Roots are known for their jazzy and eclectic approach to hip hop using live instruments to create music. With a total of 11 studio albums, 2 EP's, and 3 collaborative albums. Through the years The Roots have collaborated with many different artists in different genres while staying true to their roots. When they aren't creating new material, the group tour's frequently putting on the best performances in their genre.

In 2009, they became the new in house band for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon along with their own single as the show's theme. Ever since their birth in 1987, The Roots have consistently put out quality sound and amazing performances which led them to becoming number 7 on the top 25 best Hip Hop groups of all time. It is great to see the band still doing what they love without changing their roots.

- Francis Santos

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