WTF! Happened: MC Hammer


Known for his famous "U Can't Touch This" single and flashy dance to go with it, Stanley Kirk Burrell better known as MC Hammer became a staple in Rap history. His rapid rise to fame also included his discovery of the Hammer pants which became a fashion accessory in the 80's and 90's. As a multi-award winner, he was an innovator of pop-rap which was a fusion between synchronized rap and freestyle. In the late 90's, Hammer became a preacher with a Christian Ministry program.

In recent years, he became an author, internet mogul, and executive producer of his own reality shoe, Hammertime on A&E in 2009. Although large income sometimes leads to money trouble, Burrell faced lawsuits throughout the years from his earnings back in the 90's. Through all of the ups and downs of his career, he continues to churn music but have yet to surface the public. With 12 studio albums under his belt, MC Hammer still proves that he is still "2 Legit to Quit".

- Francis Santos

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