Thursday Apr 28, 2016

Feature'd Album Of The Week: Play on Words 'Vice Versa | Side A'

This week's Feature'd album section gets a special local artist takeover from Vegas' own hip-hop duo Play on Words and their latest mixtape 'Vice Versa | Side A'.  Nate Quest and Nick Crucial, together as Play on Words, have been doing their thing around the city for quite some time now. Throughout their newest project, they speak on the vices they've dealt with in the past and how they overcame (or fell victim to) them. Check out Nick's own take on their newest work below and listen some of their tracks from Vice Versa | Side A.

"Over the years of growing up in Las Vegas you start to see a contrast in the good and bad that Sin City has to offer. Through our most recent project Vice Versa | Side A, we wanted to illustrate some of the vices we've dealt with in the past and how we overcame (or fell victim to) them. Knowing we're not alone in this lonely place of lost dreams and empty pockets, we decided to run with the idea that theres is more than just "sin" out here. It's no longer "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." It's about pushing the Las Vegas culture forward and thats what the "POW Mindset" stands for. Vegas is a melting pot full of various perspectives and artists from all walks of life so through our music we hope to find some common-ground between us all and uplift everybody with whatever their endeavors may be. We'd like to thank Nik "Inkwell" Hotchkiss for the mixing and mastering and all the producers who contributed to the sound. In contrast to the upbeat, trap-conscious Side A, Vice Versa | Side B is on the way with a smoother and more thought-provoking approach to it so stay woke! The POW Mindset is here."

Friday May 20, 2022

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Thursday May 19, 2022

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