35 Years of the Nike Air Max | #FeatureAIR

35 Years of the Nike Air Max


When aeronautical engineer Frank Rudy introduced his new ‘air technology’ to Nike co-founder Phil Knight, legendary sneaker designer Tinker Hatfield was tasked with creating a sneaker that implemented this revolutionary design. Inspired by the outward-facing exterior of the famous art museum Centre Pompidou in Paris, France, Hatfield decided to make a sneaker that included a ‘window’ at the midsole where everyone could see into what would be an iconic cushioning system that sets a precedent for future designs. This decision resulted in the first Nike Air Max sneaker being introduced in 1987.


The Nike Air Max changed the game for future sneakers, as it became the standard for cushioning and transcended footwear as we knew it. The idea of an airbag implemented within the midsole was revolutionary, which provided a noticeable difference within the lightweight and sleek silhouette. The Nike Air Max has broken the rules of construction and design. Its utilization of the Nike Air technology allowed a reduced weight, allowing those wearing the sneaker to expend less of their energy. While absorbing impact and protecting the foot simultaneously, this signature silhouette has outperformed its predecessors, as it has showcased everlasting longevity and durability. The sneaker has developed a loyal fan base, with new styles and shapes introduced over the years.


To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the iconic Nike Air Max, we are excited to announce this year’s #FeatureAIR campaign. Starting today, those who post a photo to their Instagram feed with their favorite Air Max silhouette and the hashtags #FeatureAIR and #MyFeature will be entered to receive a free FEATURE t-shirt. This campaign runs now through March 26th on Nike Air Max Day, allowing everyone a chance to join this monumental celebration. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to show off your favorite Nike Air Max design, along with the opportunity to receive an exclusive FEATURE graphic tee.


To qualify for the chance to win a free FEATURE tee, all Instagram posts must be in-feed static posts and cannot be posted within your story. Your profile must be made public and have the hashtag #FeatureAIR included in your caption. All posts must be new, and hashtags can’t be added to previous posts.


Grab your favorite pair of Air Max’s and join us to celebrate 35 years of this legendary sneaker. #FeatureAIR #MyFeature