Feature'd Artist: Sath

Kevin Sanchez


Street artist Sath has been providing the streets of Spain with interactive artwork since 2002. His pieces showcase vibrant colors with everyday life situations that merge, transform and resurface again in entirely different contexts. Sath works mainly in Spain and Thailand adopting the urban environment to his advantage and incorporating it into his paintings. Seen above is his 'Con-tenedor' mural he painted in Mallorca, Spain back in 2012. Not only does the artwork use the trash bin as part of the mural, but the title offers a play-on-words of its own. The word "contenedor" means "bin" in spanish, with the use of a dash in the title, Sath splits the word into two, the second half (tenedor) meaning "fork" which is illustrated in the painting. Checkout more of Sath's artwork below. 

 - Kevin Sanchez


‘I be-leaf in you’ - Penang, Malaysia 2015

‘Rainblow’ - Bangkok, Thailand 2014

‘Hole shit!’ - Bangkok, Thailand 2014 

‘Efecto Dominó’ Reproduction of the Crisis - Spain 2011

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