Feature'd Album Of The Week: Cam'ron "Purple Haze"

Kevin Sanchez


On this week's installment of 'Album of the Week' we feature Cam'ron's fourth studio album, Purple HazeThe album was released in late 2004, by Roc-A-Fella Records, Diplomat Records and Def Jam Recordings, after a year of anticipation since the debut of its first single 'Get Em Girls' in November of 2003. Cam'ron's bored, arrogant flow helps Purple Haze create its own world both sonically and lyrically. The beats range from wistful soul to oppressive NWA jacks to muted electro bounce. The production for the Harlem rapper's fourth album add up to a frozen, cinematic bed for his magnetic flow. Purple Haze is a perfect illustration of how unsympathetic the streets of Harlem can be, but Cam's enthusiasm, or lack thereof, in his spending and shooting show that that's the only thing he knows.

- Kevin Sanchez

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