Feature'd Album Of The Week: YG "My Krazy Life"

Kevin Sanchez


On this week's installment of 'Album of the Week' we feature YG's major-label debut album, My Krazy Life. The 46 minute album released early in 2014 as the newest wave of West Coast music. YG's My Krazy Life is a 24-hour narrative filled with tales of gangbanging, shootouts, parties, home invasions and having fun with the ladies. The album showcases the works of Ty Dolla $ign, Metro Boomin, and West Coast kingpin, DJ Mustard, giving the record the common ground between the low-end synths of house hits like Robin S.’ “Show Me Love” and the orchestral pomp of g-funk-era Dre. Throw Jeezy's executive production in the mix, and you get an album that gives his fans a little bit of everything while taking us all along for a ride through YG's crazy life.

- Kevin Sanchez

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