Feature'd Mixtape Of The Week: Wale "More About Nothing"

Kevin Sanchez


On this week's installment of 'Mixtape of the Week' we feature DC's Wale and mixtape More About Nothing. The mixtape was released after Wale's disappointing Attention: Deficit debut album, and was a way to regain his energy and the reputation he had built prior to the record. The mixtape is inspired by the rapper's love for “Seinfeld” and the use of various scenes from the sitcom as interludes works. More About Nothing touches on conscious subjects but doesn’t forget about the club scene, with songs such as The Black And Gold, The Posse Cut, and The Guilty Pleasure. The project was the ultimate Blog-hop representation: a unique voice, a willingness to joke around, and a love of referencing other pop culture.

- Kevin Sanchez 

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