A Guide to FEATURE Ready-To-Wear Tees

A Guide to FEATURE Ready-To-Wear Tees

Haring, Kelven + Braque

The concept of ready-to-wear apparel first came to fruition in the 1800s. Its goal was to implement apparel within one’s wardrobe that remained minimal without specific techniques and fabrications. As time progressed, ready-to-wear apparel became essential for everybody’s wardrobe. From a standard tee to a pair of sweats, ready-to-wear apparel maintains a stake in anybody’s weekly outfit rotations. Our exclusive FEATURE Ready-To-Wear collection first made its debut in 2015. Our FEATURE collection offers premium quality everyday apparel that emphasizes minimalist and elevated aesthetics, all handcrafted domestically. As this line has continued to grow, a curated selection of our tees apply to any occasion and are worn perfectly on their own and blended within an outfit. Explore our exclusive FEATURE Haring, Kelven, and Braque tees and implement a new and premium apparel item into your closet essentials.


Upgrade the everyday tee with the FEATURE Haring Tee. This premium silhouette is crafted by our private in-house label domestically. The design is crafted from an authentic common-weight jersey for a standard fit. The domestically-crafted tee is utilized within its construction for an overall comfortable aesthetic. A classic ribbed neckline optimizes further comfort while implementing additional detail. Ladder stitch detailing is placed within the seams, while the enzyme wash treatment offers a vibrant colorway and a soft-to-the-touch feel. Key differences of this unique design include the distinct jersey fabrication, unique enzyme wash, and vintage ladder stitching detail. The Mineral colorways of this design are seen in Black, Brown, Blue, and Green, while the standard colorways include Olive, Cream, Charcoal, Black, and Optic White.


Next within our FEATURE Ready-To-Wear Tee Lineup is our FEATURE Kelven Tee. This wardrobe staple is an updated silhouette made for a standard fit. Perfect for implementing in any casual or elevated outfit, this design features a regular-length body and shape. The Pigment colorways include Pigment Red, Olive, Blue, and Black, while the standard hues include Antique White, Black, Optic White, Heather Grey, and New Navy. The FEATURE Kelven Tee is crafted domestically from Pima Cotton for optimal comfort. The design includes a serrated ribbed neckline that offers additional detailing for a subtle statement. The Kelven Tee is crafted from a 20 single thread count for added comfort and durability. The FEATURE Kelven Tee is complete with a pigment-dyed treatment that results in its distinct hue and overall elevated aesthetic. 

“All Things Good.” 

The final spotlight of our exclusive Ready-To-Wear tees includes the FEATURE Braque Tee. Seen in White, Black, Astral Aura, Huckleberry, Rosin, Nickel, Pewter, and Sea Ice hues, the FEATURE Braque Tee is inspired and named after Cubism artist Georges Braque. His ideology and namesake have translated into the form of this design. Adhering to Georges Braque’s artistic style, the Braque Tee can be laid flat into the shape of a 2D square and also includes an off-centered breast pocket that receives a similar boxy application. Made for an oversized fit, the design is soft to the touch as it is crafted entirely from domestic cotton and knitted with 16 single-cotton yarn. Additional details that the FEATURE Braque Tee has are the loose self-fabricated neckline, reinforced side slit, and double-layered back yoke. 


Implement elevated and premium tees into your wardrobe essentials with these exclusive tees from our FEATURE Ready-To-Wear Collection, available at all retail locations + online. Take a closer look at our FEATURE Haring, Kelven, and Braque Tees here.

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