Adidas Originals Yeezy QNTM Release September 10th



Kanye West’s initial career in music contributed to his success and introduced him to new opportunities allowing him to lead a trailblazing imprint on both the fashion and footwear industry. Adidas has taken the singer and entrepreneur under their wing where he was able to redefine the sneaker game with his Yeezy collection. Introduced in 2015, the Yeezy name has included multiple footwear styles and colorways that all revert to Wests’ neutral tones and minor flashes of color. From the original 350 to the release of the Yeezy 950 Boot, the duo has continued to produce revolutionary styles that are immensely sought after. To break the mold, even more, Kanye started to include performance styles into his repertoire and released the Quantum silhouette in 2020. 


Kanye includes previous lifestyle and streetwear designs we commonly see onto a silhouette with the intent to be worn on the court. Similar to the 380 variant, the sneaker features a higher ankle collar and 3M stitching that allows the sneaker to stand out against the hardwood. The first-ever design featured a ‘Quantum’ colorway which reverts to monochromatic neutrals such as grey, white, black, and cream. The sneaker is completed with a wired lace closure for optimal security and the inimitable Adidas Boost cushioning for a responsive and propelling experience with each step. Kanye initially introduced the sneakers during All-Star Weekend and because it was perfectly correlated with the events taking place, the sneaker was desired by many. Instead of changing out of your Yeezy’s and into basketball shoes, the Quantums offer a silhouette that is transitional and can be worn in both casual and sport settings. 


The latest version of the sneaker makes its debut this season as a complete monochromatic design encompasses the base. Nicknamed ‘Onyx,’ the Yeezy QNTM features a bold base with subtle contrasting of grey along its PrimeKnit upper. We’ve seen similar colorways before on the Yeezy 450 and 380 but now the darkened palette makes its debut on the basketball model. 


Grab a more detailed look at the Adidas Originals Yeezy Quantum ‘Onyx’ above. Ready to secure your pair? Follow the instructions below to enter the draw and to shop all of our other current releases.

Feature Release - Friday, September 10th


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