All Things Love: The Valentine’s Day Capsule

All Things Love: The Valentine’s Day Capsule

Chelsie Rendon

During the month of February, we dedicate a day to celebrate love - commonly known as Valentine’s Day. But why not celebrate that feeling, all year round? Our latest installment of graphics includes a selection of love inspired illustrations that are perfect for Valentine’s Day and every other day that follows. This delivery can be the perfect gift for your significant other or for yourself. Make a statement with our newest pieces that represent All Things Love. 

Utilizing our signature Bitter Chocolate colorway, the Doves Tee displays a graphic with illustrated doves flying amongst colorful carnations.  These birds are commonly seen within events as they are a symbol of hope and peace. Varying on color, the carnation ultimately means love and fascination. Both images provide a deeper meaning to the graphic while our classic mantra, ‘All Things Good’ completes the artwork with a cursive font. Its cotton composition is emphasized with a 6.5 oz medium weight construction, making it a comfortable addition to any outfit. 

Our Love Burns Tee takes on an alternative version of love signifying that sometimes our feelings are so strong that they ‘burn.’ The retro-inspired artwork is the main focal point of the shirt as its vibrant colors stand out against its deep black cotton base. The Love Burns graphic takes on traditional tattoo designs, which gives it the throwback finish. The medium weight of the tee is constructed with 220 GSM, contributing to a luxurious finish. Its construction comes complete with rib-knitted hems and neckline contributing to its smooth edges.

Lastly, our Crochet Tee is introduced in the Huckleberry colorway while sticking to the throwback aesthetic seen in the long sleeve. The chest champions the Valentine-inspired FEATURE branding in a light pink hue while the backside showcases the crocheted artwork. In a heart pattern, the phrase ‘Eat Your Heart Out’ is printed in an old English font making it bold and noticeable. This phrase is commonly expressed when someone experiences suffering when desiring someone that cannot be attained. Though Valentine’s is celebrated for lovers, we cannot forget those who desire to be loved as well. Crocheting’s historical background provides a timeless and elegant contribution to the graphic. Its dainty complexion typically uses flowers and hearts tying the Valentine aesthetic into the tee. The tees neckline and hems are stitched with a rib-knit finish complementing its premium cotton construction. Each piece within the collection fits standardly and is made within the USA. Celebrate Valentine’s with our latest graphics as they are the ideal gift or perfect statement piece that can make anyone happy during the season of love. 

Our Valentine’s Day capsule is available now at all retail locations + online. To shop our latest graphics, click here.

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