All Things Lucky: The St. Patrick’s Day Capsule

All Things Lucky: The St. Patrick’s Day Capsule

Chelsie Rendon

During the month of March, many celebrate the holiday Saint Patrick’s Day and as the festivities draw closer we wanted to get you prepared with our latest graphics that pay homage to the day of luck. The Irish holiday is celebrated worldwide and consists of many activities which include wearing green. Our capsule includes colorways and illustrations reverting to the particular day as the use of leprechauns, clovers, and Celtic fonts decorate the pieces. The odds of finding a four-leaf clover are about 1 in 10,000 but you stumbling upon our delivery didn’t require any luck at all. Prepare for March 17th with our latest additions within our St. Patrick’s Day Capsule. 

Our Clover Crewneck is featured in a deep green reminiscent of the holiday’s signature color. Across the chest, our signature FEATURE branding is given a bubble font while a cartoon clover and fairy intertwine our name. This fun illustration pays homage to familiar fonts and characters seen within the whimsical celebration. Similar to the Biome graphic, the crew is constructed with premium cotton and finished with a heavy-weight style.

In addition to the crewneck, the Biome Long Sleeve displays our signature branding with familiar motifs commonly seen during the Irish holiday. The back-side displays our mantra ‘All Things Good’ in a Celtic font that correlates with the simplistic branding found upon the front. Utilizing a puff-print, the graphic provides a textured element emphasizing its quality finish. Mushrooms, a leprechaun, and a pot of gold are seen within the graphic emulating long-lasting luck during times of wear. The long sleeves’ premium craftsmanship is tributed to its cotton and mid-weight design. A 220 GSM is seen within its composition providing its luxe style. 

Within the capsule, we also introduce two versions of our Celtic Trucker Hat. The familiar Celtic font finds its way as the main focal point within the accessory’s design. A mesh construction builds the back end while a structured foam panel showcases the main graphic.  Featured attributes include a curved bill and snapback enclosure that can be tailored to your desired style. The green embroidered branding can be seen on a white or black base - neutral options that can be easily added to any outfit.  

Before the holiday arrives, explore our ‘All Things Luck Capsule’ in preparation for Saint Patrick’s Day. Our St. Patrick’s Day delivery is available now at all retail locations + online. To shop our latest graphics, click here.

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