Billionaire Boys Club + ICECREAM Final Summer Drop

Billionaire Boys Club + ICECREAM Final Summer Drop

Chelsie Rendon

Billionaire Boys Club + ICECREAM 


Final Summer Drop 


Billionaire Boys Club and Icecream are notorious for their seasonal collections and multiple drops. For the grand finale, they have both recently released their last additions of their summer collection Both brands commonly refer to signature branding, vibrant color palettes, and bold patterns and during this last delivery, they emphasize this ethos. Billionaire Boys Club ties up their ‘technology vs nature’ theme with sci-fi imagery mixed with natural finishes. Icecream also includes their vacation-inspired theme within each piece as a homage to the ending of the summer season. 

Within drop 3, the collection emphasizes ready-to-wear pieces that make a statement when worn in any outfit. The 3rd World Shorts are a prime example of this bold aesthetic as a mesh polyester base features experimental imagery at the leg. Nature and technology are showcased which can also be seen on the Encounters Pant in the colorway Pebble. In addition to statement pieces, the collection also reimagines traditional shorts and introduces a unique finish. The Jacquard Shorts are featured in different colorways and shine a light on Billionaire Boys Club’s signature astronaut motif. Made out of quality cotton, the shorts feature jacquard stitching at the base which contributes to its monochromatic finish. Elastic waistbands and adjustable drawstrings work in tandem for a comfortable fit. Graphic tees are also a part of the collection as seen with the Pinups Tee, Caribe Tee, and the Astro Trip Tee. 


Icecream shares similar aesthetics as Billionaire Boys Club but instead they turn their focus on casual styles that are perfect for everyday wear or summer vacations. The Flare S/S Knit paired with the Vanilla Shorts are an ideal combo and showcases signature branding. Both the shorts and tee are then finished with a tie dye process for a washed pattern. T-Shirts make their debut and showcase new imagery- the Sunspot Tee, Palm Tee, and Veronica Tee are prime examples of the bold designs within the collection. Aside from apparel, the delivery also shines a light on accessories and home goods. Upgrade your interior with the Father Time Clock or take Icecream wherever you go with the Dog Pile iPhone case. New headwear such as the Eyes Panel Hat and Candy Snapback are the perfect addition to your next outfit. 

Billionaire Boys Club and Icecream’s Summer Drop 3 is now available at all retail locations + online. Grab a closer look at Icecream here or Billionaire Boys Club here.

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