Carhartt WIP: A Modern Approach to Workwear

Carhartt WIP: A Modern Approach to Workwear

Haven Neiman

Carhartt WIP

A Modern Approach to Workwear

For over 130 years, Carhartt has been committed to crafting enduring products that serve and protect hardworking individuals. The difference between Carhartt and Carhartt WIP is one where Carhartt focuses on workwear apparel, whereas Carhartt WIP utilizes workwear inspiration and tailors it to a more modern and casual taste. 


Iconic workwear label Carhartt was a classic clothing company founded in 1889 in Detroit, Michigan. First established by Hamilton Carhartt and titled ‘Hamilton Carhartt & Company,’ the label originally began manufacturing bib overalls for railroad workers based in Michigan. Since Carhartt’s early beginnings, they have always emphasized the importance of high quality and durable apparel, which stemmed from the brand’s original slogan in 1889 ‘Honest value for an honest dollar.’ As Carhartt began to grow, the brand expanded into several states and other countries such as France, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Until the early 1970s, Carhartt grew from crafting bib overalls to making uniforms and other essentials for United States service members. It was then that the brand started doing work for big box stars and began becoming an ideal option for all types of blue-collar workers. In this timeframe, workwear began to seep into all circles of fashion slowly, and celebrities such as musicians and models began to implement this type of fashion into their regular rotation.

"Work in Progress." 

In the late 80s, Carhartt crossed over to Europe thanks to designer Edwin Faeh. Faeh brought Carhartt into his store ‘All American Concept,’ which quickly became a hit. He saw the potential the brand had to grow into something with a more modern and casual approach suited for not just blue-collar workers, so he then gained the rights to sell Carhartt under a new label in Europe, titled Work in Progress (WIP). The label’s growth snowballed and quickly expanded into the United States. Carhartt WIP is a contemporary way of living the Carhartt brand and incorporates signature tailoring that meets the brand’s high quality, durability, and comfort standards. The brand modifies Carhartt’s core product characteristics for a different audience who value refined design and quality while remaining true to the authentic Carhartt brand.


The fall delivery from Carhartt WIP incorporates seasonally-appropriate apparel such as jackets, hoodies, and sweatpants, as well as classic tees that are perfect for incorporating into any wardrobe. The Carhartt WIP Hooded Ashfield accurately emphasizes the brand’s approach to maintaining high quality and durability while featuring a more modern and streamlined design. Made for a loose fit, the hoodie is crafted from cotton and features a brushed component that offers further softness to the silhouette. Garment-dyed and acid-washed for a truly authentic look, the shape features an embroidered Carhartt WIP script logo at the chest that highlights the entirety of the profile. The Carhartt WIP S/S University T-Shirt embodies a collegiate aesthetic while still maintaining the brand’s authentic values when it comes to apparel. Perfect for incorporating into any wardrobe, this staple tee features screen-printed collegiate lettering at the chest, allowing for a vintage aesthetic. The silhouette is complete with a ribbed crewneck for a detailed touch.


New arrivals from the workwear-inspired label Carhartt WIP are available now in-store + online. To explore the latest arrivals, click here.

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