Casablanca SS21 ‘After The Rain Comes The Rainbow’

Casablanca SS21 ‘After The Rain Comes The Rainbow’

Chelsie Rendon

Casablanca can easily be spotted as its vibrant color combinations and luxurious athletic garments speak for themselves. In 2018, designer and founder Charaf Tajer created the fashion  label to marry his Moroccan and French roots into one label. Tajer wanted Casablanca to be a breath of fresh air within the menswear industry as it explores a more delicate approach. He isn’t a stranger to fashion as he worked with Off-White’s Virgil Abloh and co-founded Pigalle Paris. With a passion to produce, Tajer created Casablanca and showcased clean and crisp designs that are infiltrated with pastel colors and varying patterns. These palettes are seen within tennis inspired garments and luxe leisurewear. Casablanca emulates the feeling of summer vacations and yacht club events, a new out-look within the fashion industry that helped solidify the label's name. 

As the brand enters the new year, Tajer introduces the latest collection titled, ‘After the Rain Comes the Rainbow.’ He explains that this collection was made in hopes to provide color and light within the darkness of the world that we experience. The delivery takes inspiration from Hawaiian sunsets and beach vacations while introducing varying fabrication which include silk, twill cotton, and knit designs. Sticking to the brand’s original DNA, the collection highlights fluid cuts and sharp tailored items mixed with pastel and bright hues. The collection is refined and relaxed making it a comfortable and eclectic addition to any outfit. 

Commonly seen within Casablanca’s portfolio are patterned silk button-ups and within the SS21 collection we are introduced to two models reminiscent of the day and night times of Hawaii. The Nuit and Rose A Maui Silk Shirts are beautifully crafted button-ups that utilize premium silk fabrication. The quality garments are encased with a monogram pattern and illustrations of palm trees and a beach front. The shirt’s are detailed with a full-length button closure that is concealed for a flush design. Crafted in Italy, the focus on detail is prominent as smooth edges and clean cuts finish its complexion. 

A selection of graphic tees makes its way through the collection embodying the pastel colors and holiday vibe. These can be easily paired with the minimalist Logo Patch Jersey or Swim Shorts. Constructed with quality fabrication, both of the trousers are seen with Casablanca’s signature monogram stitched upon the leg. Ripstop stitching makes its way onto the waistband and adjustable drawstrings are implemented within its construction for a tailoring element. Apart from clothing, we are also presented with an array of hats that can accessorize any outfit with its natural palette. The Tennis Club and Success Through Cap both showcase intricate embroidery upon the front panel as the main focus point. Placed on a neutral base, the imagery highlights signature aesthetics commonly seen within Casablanca’s collections. 

Casablanca SS21 ‘After the Rain Comes the Rainbow’ is now available online. To shop for the latest collection, click here.

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