Chinatown Market FW20 Available Now

Chinatown Market FW20 Available Now

Chelsie Rendon

Founder and creative designer Mike Cherman, took inspiration from New York’s canal street to develop the iconic brand Chinatown Market. Before the success of the smiley face clothing line, Cherman was first known for the company, ICNY. After ICNY, Chinatown Market came to fruition in 2016 and has become one of the most recognized brands within the streetwear industry. 

Mike Cherman focuses on its signature smiley face logo along with whimsical and bright-colored graphics. These art pieces reflect New York’s bootleg culture and the need for high-fashion. The brand doesn’t just focus on clothing, they also specialize in unique accessories. Chinatown Market has dropped rugs, basketballs, candles, and other unique products. This opened an opportunity within the streetwear industry to utilize other pieces besides clothing and sneakers. Within the Fall/Winter collection, we find similar trends to previous collections. The signature smiley face motif is a common theme along with 70s psychedelic themes. Bright colors and vintage patterns are combined to create a truly unique collection. 

Chinatown Market’s lively and bold delivery is a statement piece that can be found within any closet. A piece to consider is the Woven Tapestry Jacket. Made out of high quality and durable tapestry fabric, the jacket is inspired by vintage pieces along with 70s style/designs. Along the same theme, the Smiley Friends tee pays homage to the popular Smokey The Bear. In Mike Cherman’s artistic mind, he was able to transform the iconic figure - fitting the Chinatown Market aesthetic. Within the graphic, subtle branding is exposed bridging the gap between the throwback image and the modern designs of Chinatown Market. When looking at the backside of the tee, the words “Support Your Friends” are spread across the back in bold font. The Fall/Winter collection takes creativity to the next level. 

Chinatown Market’s Fall-Winter 20 Delivery is available online now. To shop for the latest delivery, click here.

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